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News? Who has time for more news? Isn't Facebook enough?
I can Hardly keep my Etsy up to date.
What follows is my best personal attempt to catalog important events in my career. Bear with me.
Spinning Newspaper

22.1.2014-12.3.2014 IPCNY New Prints Winter 2014
508 W 26th St, New York
Julia at IPCNY
"Soda Can Yolk" plate lithograph framed in collaboratioin with Blake Hiltunen

Die Wunderkamer by Republic Worldwide
131 Chrystie St, New York

Personal Desires Propoganda
111 Front St, Brooklyn

Fountain Art Fair, NY 2013
69th Regiment Armory, New York

17.1.2013 IPCNY New Prints Winter 2013
508 W 26th St, New York

A vibrant incoherence that circulates about zones of cliche and convention
a show of recent prints by Julia Samuels
Pratt Manhattan Continuing and Professional Studies Gallery
144 W 14th St, New York
Julia at Pratt Manhattan

On Purpose: Art & Design in Brooklyn 2012
BRIC Rotunda Gallery, 33 Clinton St, Brooklyn

AGAST at Gowanus Studio Space

Go Brooklyn at Gowanus Studio Space

14.7.2012 3rd Annual Cold Drink at Du Mois Gallery
Julia at Du Mois 2012
The lovely people at Du Mois Gallery included me in their annual printmaking show for the third year in a row. I got to go the the opening in New Orleans this year and had the time of my life. Can't wait to get down there again.

Fountain Art Fair with Republic Worldwide

Christmas Card listed on Etsy
I have published a set of 12 Christmas Cards for sale. Each box comes with 12 5"x7" cards, blank inside, with digital prints of my original photography. Images highlight the annual casting off on New York City's millions of Christmas trees. After a long and hectic holiday season, the sidewalks littered with jettisoned trees seem to drag Christmas on well into the New Year.
These would probably make great Hanukkah cards, too!
Show your friends and family how much you love the holidays.

Republic Worldwide Official Representation
Yeup, someone else is finally trying to help me sell some of my work. Big ups !

Town and Country Exhibition
Currated by a few friends, this show has had a lot of press. It was a fun time in somewhere between Hell's Kitchen and Chelsea. I was lucky enough to have 4 prints in the show. Here's the Town and Country detail on me: Town and Country Julia Samuels
Check out the filckr page: Town and Country Flickr

L Magazine article with sweet shout out, yes!
The L Magazine
Here's one link where they even link back to me! Brooklyn Street Art

25.6.2011 The Third Annual Jell-o Mold Competition
Jell-o Awards
I totally won for taste/culinary appeal. If you asked me, I could have won for "Best Dressed" or "Best Overall Presentation."

I made hot dogs out of jell-o, and bbq spead complete with Jell-O mustard, Jell-O ketchup and Jell-O relish.

Eater.com article with a bunch of pics: Competition Gets Jiggly With It
Core 77 article with pic!

Julia with Jello DogsJell-oo Display

Second Annual Cold Drink Exhibit at Du Mois Gallery in New Orleans.
Cold Drink
Cold Drink
I'm very proud to be accepted again to the Cold Drink Printmaking invitaional at Du Mois: same gallery as last year, different currator, makes me feel extra special!
I get an awesome shout out on their youtube video walk through of the show: Du Mois on YouTube and a nice mention in this article from Gambit BestofNewOrleans.com

12.1.2011 The Prints 2011/Winter at International Print Center of New York.
I finally got accepted to a New Prints Show at the IPCNY!  I am now officially enshrined for all eternity here: IPCNY

Here's a copy of what they hung. You can still BUY one if you'd like.
DSCF3048 Relief Print

Hot Harvest at the Gowanus Studio Space

Print's Gone Wild

Born Under a Bad Sign
My first of hopefully many exhibits with Cannonball Press:




Cannonball Press
When I was in college, a favorite professor said to the class on the first day (I'm paraphrasing here), "These guys are the cool kids club. If you want to be in, you have to be in with them." Well, guess what! After 5 long years, I'm in.
They've prublished two prints for me, Greetings from 9th Street, and Greetings from 39th Ave, Transfer Station Four, and as soon as they call or write to do more, I'll get started on the third.

2nd Annual Jell-O Mold Competition

13.6.2010 jello bags

The Second Annual GSS Jell-o Mold Competition is approaching, and this weekend I helped event organizers Michelle Zatta and Nadia Siddiqui print these lovely totes to be sold at the event.
Last year's party brought huge crowds and fierce competition. This year is gearing up to be twice a good. Come one, come all, and vote for people's choice!
Sat. June 26, 6-10pm, results at 8. 166 7th St, Brooklyn.
2nd Annual GSS Jell-o Mold Competiton

cold drink front
cold drink back'

Great News! I was accepted into the 1st Annual Printmaking Invitational, "Cold Drink" at Du Mois Gallery in New Orleans. The show opens tonight, June 12th, and will be up through July 17th.  I'm sad I can't make it down there to see the work, but such is life. Two of my woodcuts are in the show, DSCF3615 and DSCF3081.

       DSCF3615       DSCF3081

climate gallery pink
                          prints              kelly

I submitted work again to the Climate Gallery, this time for the show, "Prolific Impressions- Printmaking Now" Check out the facebook photo album to see all the great work (and a few pictures of me rapping with my print professor from Pratt, Kelly Driscoll.) I'm showing two prints, August Through Gary, IN, and Dawn Leaving Chicago.

August through gary IN                         Dawn Leaving Chicago

 MANY MANY THANKS to Michelle Levy, everyone at EFA, and Printeresting.org for organizing the "Quick and Dirty Ephemera Swap." This was a great event where I had the pleasure of meeting and trading work with some great printmakers, including Slop Art, Eric Doeringer, and Dusty Herbig.  Check out some photos of the event here!

                          Night Only, Julia Samuels and Eric Diehl
I'm very excited about this show: Featuring my old college pal and class rival and myself, "One Night Only" is a one night engagement (duh) at the famous Montauk Club in Brooklyn. Our work is sure to look extra fancy in such a ritzy setting. Thanks to Eric and Robbie for making it all possible. I just wish it could be up longer!

jello eggs

First Annual Gowanus Studio Space Jell-o Mold Competition: My entry was a nice plate of deviled eggs.  I didn't win any of the fabulous prizes, but my piece was fetured in this little write up by SF Weekly. 
Pretty sweet! SF Weekly What's Shakin? Jello Mold Design Champions

I am very pleased to share the opening of Alchemy, a show at the Gowanus Studio SPace, currated by Jennifer Field, Curatorial Assistant at MoMA. It is quite an honor to be selected as an artist to paticipate in this members-only show.
A pic of my work installed:
Julia prints Alchemy
And the rest of the photos from the show can be found here: GSS Alchemy Flickr

screem worksop
First Ever: Gowanus Studio Space Screen Printing Workshop
The studio has been officially open for about 6 months, and we're finally ready to start offering workshops. This Screen Printing workshop went off without a hitch! Check out some pictures of the classes: Gowanus Studio Space Screen Printing 2008 on flickr

                          Grand Opening
We're finally opening! It's been a lot of moving and building, but The Gowanus Studio Space is finally ready to open our doors and show you our freshly-painted walls (with some awesome, member-donated work on them).
Yes, it's a fundraiser event, so your cover charge and all proceeds from the art sales go to benefit the studio. Can't wait to see you there!
Here's me in front of what I donated (both sold!),
Julia @ GSS Opening
and here's the flickr set of all the donations: GSS Opening Memeber Donations